Gunbound: Коды

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Display the console window, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect — Code

Connect to indicated game number- /go
Display console commands — /h
Display function key commands — /key
Ignore indicated player — /mute
Kicks indicated player from game — /kick
List ignored players — /mutelist
Restore all ignore players to normal — /loudall
Restore ignored player to normal — /loud
Send private message to indicated player — /msg

Misc. Codes (Use these when in a game waiting room)

/pkey — Pass the key to
/bar — To bar from the room
— Submitted By: Cheats Admin

Create guild
Become a silver axe and have 20,000G. Go to www.gunbound.net to create your guild

Unlock Space Marine Hat and Suit
Become a Stone Hammer (1500 GP)

Unlock Able to join Guilds
Get to Metal Axe Rank (2300 GP)

Double your Items and gold
All you have to do is send one avatar and half of your gold to the player grimshadowplay and he’ll send you back double what you sent. Unfortunatly, there’s a limit to how much gold you can send. The minimum you can send is 10000 and the max is 60000. It’s that easy.

Happy Cheating,
How to get 1,000,000 Gold
please note that in order to get the 1,000,000 GOLD it involves sending ALL of your avatar to the gun provider for gunbound. Dont wory it will ALL be sent back along with the 1,000,000 GOLD.

1,000,000,000 Gold easy
First send all your avatar and everything to probablydead the user he will send you back double avatar and 1,000,000,000 in exchange for 1 avatar of their own

Free avatar
If you want free avatar all you gotta do is send send as much gold as u need type «money/gold/41» and higlight it then send any were form 10,000 to 40,000 gold to «createrforce» depindeing on ho much you avatar you want back and make sure you type the name of what u want, if that don’t work send ur gold to me and i will make it work for you «Blueeys34» i use to play gun bound but now im quiting so send it top me before 2005 and i will send what ever you want back plaese don’t for get the name of the clothing avataryou want i will give you 2 pairs of for every 10,000 andd i will give that money away after 2005 to a lucky person if u wanna try to get it make sure you put «want2win» along with the money,what u want and how much you want somtimes i will give u extra.but alone somtimes will i give you extra by the way i think createrforce might have quit by now. good luck and have fuin plaing gunbound.

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Gunbound: Коды

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