R.O.S.E. Online (Rush On Seven Episodes): Коды

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/effect 243 — Strike your character with lightning
/effect 297 — Shows the party level-up effect
/effect 300 — adds a orange, glowing ball to your feet
/effect 299 — adds smoke to your characters feet
/effect 241 — A small white ball flashes on your feet.
/effect 242 — An explosion on the body.
/effect 244 — A ball lighing and a torando on your body.
/effect 245 — A torando coming out from your body.
/effect 105 — A weird pyramid at your feet
/effect 160 — The level-up effect
/effect 164 — Attack down buff effect
/effect 165 — Attack up buff effect
/effect 166 — Defense down buff effect
/effect 167 — Defense up buffs effect
/effect 168 — Buff that looks like a coin up effect
/effect 169 — Buff that looks like a coin down effect
/effect 170 — Movement speed down buff effect
/effect 173 — Black/Purple smoke at your feet
/effect 174 — Acuracy up buff effect
/effect 175 — Acuracy down buff effect
/effect 176 — Poison effect
/effect 177 — Dodge rate down buff effect
/effect 178 — Dodge rate up buff effect
/effect 181 — Attack speed up buff effect
/effect 182 — Attack speed down buff effect
/noui — No user interface

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R.O.S.E. Online (Rush On Seven Episodes): Коды

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