RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Коды

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Cheat Names
Rename one of your park guests to any of the following for the corresponding effect.


While playing, click on a peep in your park.
Click the General Information button (has an «i» on it).
Click the peep’s name, then delete or backspace over it.
Enter the cheat code as the name, then press Enter.
The cheat will take effect.

Name: Result:
John D Rockefeller Add $10,000
Mouse Guests Stare at the Ground
Atari All Guests Laugh and Cheer
Frontier Rides/Coasters Never Break Down
Guido Fawkes Advanced Fireworks Editor
Chris Sawyer Guests Jump for Joy
Sam Denney Peeps Ride All Coasters
Jon Roach Peeps Ride All Non-Coaster Rides
John Wardley Removes Height Restrictions on Coasters
James Hunt Buggy Rides Through the Park
Shifty Guests Dance
D Lean Flying Camera Route Editor
ATITech Speed Up
Jonny Watts PeepCam
Atomic Big Explosion
A Hitchcock Unknown Effect
PhotoStory Unknown Effect

If you are using the v1 patch or higher, these codes are also available:

Code: Result:
Andrew Thomas Decrease Track Friction
David Braben Disable Lift Chain Speed Limit
Andrew Gillett Unknown Effect
Ghost Town Guests Cannot Enter

All Guests Become Sick and Vomit
Using the same cheat method, enter «Make Me Sick» as a code.

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RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Коды

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